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Minnijean standing with Sequoia students

Civil Rights leader, Minnijean Brown Trickey, visits Sequoia

Zoraya King, Lucia Kitching, and Minou Ono March 12, 2023

This Thursday, March 9, students from the Health Careers Academy (HCA), Digital Arts Academy (DAA) and English Learning Development (ELD) departments gathered to hear Minnijean Brown Trickey speak at Sequoia...

Sequoia ASU made paper decorations to hang on doors for Lunar New Year.

Lunar New Year at Sequoia

Christine Chang, Staff Reporter January 23, 2023

While many Sequoia students have entirely left New Year’s celebrations behind, some have been busy celebrating Lunar New Year, sometimes known as Chinese New Year. With an Asian population of just six...

Former Superintendent Williams vacant chair.

Community backlash as Sequoia district’s first Black female superintendent and board of trustees part ways

Rylan Butt, Co-editor in chief December 15, 2022

Sequoia Union High School District’s first-ever Black female superintendent Dr. Darnise Williams resigned from office after less than two years of serving. In the weeks leading up to the announcement,...

Inflation Nation

Inflation Nation

Haylee Huynh, Co-Feature Editor December 14, 2022

The increasing cost of goods within the past year has had an unavoidable impact on the finances of many students and staff at Sequoia. Food prices have shot up, grocery tabs are nearly double what they...

Illustration by Vecteezy and Sequoia Union
High School District, edited by Allison Wang

Science signals significant diversification

Allison Wang, Copy Editor March 7, 2022

The science department is planning new changes, although these changes won’t be present on campus and in student schedules until a couple years pass by for Sequoia High School. One of the largest changes...

IB Physics class subbed by Mr. Ton-Tho


Oscar Nolf and Greta Reich March 7, 2022

Substitute teachers have a reputation for providing students with an enjoyable level of chaos for a day while the teacher has to be out. With the best of intentions, they attempt to control a class they...

Gas prices get the red light from drivers

Gas prices get the red light from drivers

Haylee Huynh, Staff Reporter January 10, 2022

Gas prices have shot up within the past three months in the Bay Area, and their effect on student drivers is noticed.  According to the United States Energy Information Administration (EIA), in 2019,...

Schedules changed to ease student workload

Schedules changed to ease student workload

Lucie Tenenbaum, Staff Reporter November 15, 2021

Intended for success, the block schedule has students attending every class for 40 minutes on Wednesdays. Students are becoming more and more stressed with work from their classes and Wednesdays were made...

From left to right: Melissa Díaz, Claire Kerby, Diana Nguyen

Ethnic Studies Enters Schedules

Greta Reich, Feature Editor November 15, 2021

As Sequoia students return to campus, a course for the last two decades is not coming with them. Over the online school year of 2020-2021, Sequoia Union High School District teachers, including Sequoia’s...

Reading into the changes at bookstores

Reading into the changes at bookstores

Haylee Huynh, Staff Reporter November 15, 2021

Media outlets blew up with regards to supporting small, local businesses during the pandemic. But how did those businesses navigate the ‘new normal’ to be accessible for customers in the middle of...

Celebrity criticism, helpful or harmful?

Haylee Huynh, Staff Reporter November 15, 2021

Billie Eilish, 19 year old singer-songwriter and beloved amongst all generations takes a misstep with the release of her music video for single “Lost Cause” as a part of her latest album “Happier...

SUHSD divided over returning full in the fall

Madeline Carpinelli, Feature Editor May 23, 2021

After a year of distance learning, Sequoia returned to in-person school on April 5. The journey to that point has been difficult and full of division, due to concerns about mental health, safety, racial...

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