Raven Report


Executive Editors: Trevor Crowell , Maddie Pei , Zack Rosenblatt

Managing Editor: Mackenzie Clarke

Copy Editor: Rio Popper

Feature Editor: Shannon Coan

News Editors: Beatrice Bugos, Benjy Jude

Sports Editor: Brighid Bugos

Online/Photo Editor: Aviva Futornick

Opinion Editor: Nick Abraham

Social Media Editor: Maddie Reynolds

Entertainment Editor: Dario McCarty

Staff Reporters: Soana Afu, Edward Aguayo, Sam Brook, Simon ClarkeDarien Daly, Sarah Fazio, Taylor Gayner, Jonathan Guzman, Hannah KloningerStever, Christian Pardo Villa, Ysabelle Punzal, Lauren Stevens, Jay Tipirneni, Sione Tuiaki, Krista Weaver


 Trevor Crowell, Executive Editor: What a jabroni.

 Maddie Pei, Executive Editor:  New Year’s Resolution: become more sarcastic and cynical.

 Zack Rosenblatt, Executive Editor: I bowled 11 strikes in a row on Wii Sports on my 18th birthday!

 Mackenzie Clarke, Managing Editor: Perpetually stressed about trying to be more relaxed.

 Rio Popper, Copy Editor: I peaked in the french revolution.

 Shannon Coan, Feature Editor

 Beatrice Bugos, News Editor: I’m a Queen B but i don’t fly.

 Benjy Jude, News Editor: God didn’t finish me but I’m still better than you.

 Brighid Bugos, Sports Editor: Some people just need a high five.

 Aviva Futornick, Online/Photo Editor: I don’t blend well with energetic people.

 Nick Abraham, Opinion Editor: Think for yourself and don’t follow blindly. 

 Maddie Reynolds, Social Media Director: I like long walks on the beach directly into the bottom of the ocean.

 Dario McCarty, Entertainment Editor: I’m an educated fool with money on mind.

Staff Reporters

 Soana Afu

 Edward Aguayo: By the time you learn the rules of life, you’re too old to play the game.

 Sam Brook: The future is female.

 Simon Clarke: I came from a real tough neighborhood. On my street, the kids take hubcaps… from moving cars.

 Sarah Fazio: It hurt when I fell from heaven.

 Taylor Gayner: I surround myself with Chipotle, not negativity.

Jonathan Guzman: I’m here for a good time not a long time.

 Hannah Kloninger-SteverLife is a highway and I don’t have a driver’s license.

 Christian Pardo VillaFocus on the sh*t that matters.

 Ysabelle Punzal: Oh sh*t I have to pee again!. 

Lauren Stevens: People stress me out.

 Jay Tiperneni: Juice is temporary, sauce is forever.

Sione Tuiaki: Ya boy made the papers.

 Krista Weaver



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