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Working out over summer

Working out over summer

Caroline Sieling and Priya Ansnes May 30, 2024

Sports communities and athletics are held together throughout the school year through practices, but how do athletes maintain their physique when summer hits?  Most fall sports have summer training...

TikToks ticking time bomb: the US ban dilemma

TikTok’s ticking time bomb: the US ban dilemma

Emma Nardini, Staff Reporter May 30, 2024

Tik Tok, the app that over half of American teens use, may be banned in nine months in the United States if it does not find a new owner. Both Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives...

Infographic by Viviana Castro

Beyond limitations: stories of Sequoia’s disabled students

Viviana Castro Ramos, Staff Reporter May 30, 2024

A few decades ago, students with disabilities were excluded from many of the educational opportunities that were afforded to their peers. While this is still a prevalent issue, students with disabilities...

Increase in pay, increase in prices

Increase in pay, increase in prices

Jaime Perez, Editor May 30, 2024

Bigger pay for fast food workers, the new state bill, AB 1228, increased the minimum wage in California for most fast food workers, bringing both financial relief and backlash from consumers. The minimum...

The Groovy Goose: A perfect stop for coffee lovers

The Groovy Goose: A perfect stop for coffee lovers

Gianna Federighi, Staff Reporter May 30, 2024

Groovy Goose has become a popular pit stop for the local community of San Carlos. If you need a quick place to grab some fresh coffee and a snack on your way to work or school, Groovy Goose is the perfect...

Owen Leung wearing his UPS costume.

Senior soakers stories 2024

Collin Liou, Staff Reporter April 29, 2024

Water guns. Cyberstalking. Waiting outside somebody’s house for hours. Senior Soakers, also known as Senior Assassins, is a game that begins around March of senior year where teams of two Sequoia seniors...

Breaking down birth control

Alex Parker-Rogers, Co-feature editor April 29, 2024

Living in California, every student at Sequoia has access to many forms of birth control. Many people are unaware of the tools and information available to students for providing birth control options,...

Art by Natalie Ewing

The cost of keeping up

Reese Silva, Staff Reporter April 29, 2024

Trends are born through an understanding of culture and global changes, particularly affecting teenagers as they navigate their lives. Some trends have enduring effects, while others fade quickly, prompting...

Thirsty for trends

Thirsty for trends

Natalie Ewing and Nathaniel Gotelli April 29, 2024

Walking around campus, students can be seen with all the latest trends in fashion and merchandise. From thermos cups to slippers to lip balms, teenagers have historically been the target audience for commercialized...

IB Exposed

IB Exposed

Abby Aguayo, Graphics Manager April 29, 2024

The International Baccalaureate program (IB) for students is a very controversial topic. Some students love the curriculum and some students hate it. IB teachers, however, rarely express their opinion...

Microplastics are everywere

Microplastics are everywere

Priya Ansnes, Staff Reporter April 29, 2024

Microplastics are everywhere Eating, breathing and drinking. All essentials to maintaining life, all facets for microplastics to enter your body. Microplastics are from bigger pieces of plastic and...

Art by Abby Aguayo

Academics or athletics?

Gianna Federighi, Staff Reporter April 29, 2024

Many student-athletes play sports at a competitive level in high school but don’t commit to playing collegiate sports. This could be due to a number of factors that play into this decision: rigorous...

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