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Five Nights At Freddys

Five Nights At Freddy’s

Idania Quevedo, Staff Reporter March 14, 2024

With a total of 13 games, multiple books, theories, fan games and now even a movie, it is no surprise that the “Five Nights at Freddy’s”(FNAF) franchise is one of the most well known games among...

Photo of Mr. Hartford at his home gaming setup

Teachers logging on

Caroline Sieling, Staff Reporter March 14, 2024

Since the invention of the first video game in 1958 gamers have grown up with their favorite games and continue to play throughout their adulthood. Despite video games being characterized as a hobby for...

“What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?”

Sasha Efimchik, Co-Opinion Editor March 14, 2024

Introduction “What do you want to be when you grow up?” is a question we’ve all probably heard before. When you are a kid, you are given license to dream big.  The sky is the limit. Of course,...

The Evolution of Pokémon

The Evolution of Pokémon

Alexander Corpos, Staff writere March 13, 2024

Combining his childhood hobby of bug catching and interest in anime, game designer Satoshi Tajiri created the small game series titled “Pokémon.” With its exclusive release in Japan in 1996, the independent...

Console Evolution

Console Evolution

Yamir Benitez-Ventura, Staff reporter March 13, 2024

Today, 53% of American households have a game console, however, it wasn't always like that. In 1972, Ralph Baer released Magnavox Odyssey, the first-ever home gaming system that further inspired multiple...

Avoiding mind games in relationships

Alex Parker-Rogers, Co-feature editor March 13, 2024

From Romeo and Juliet to cheesy love songs, teenage love is regarded as intense and dramatic, while cherished dearly by those who have experienced it. While teens of the past enjoyed late-night phone calls...

Icon or Object?

Icon or Object?

Natalie Ewing March 13, 2024

When Lara Croft stepped into the world of Tomb Raider in 1996, she became known in the gaming world for two things: being one of the first female video game protagonists and having a big chest.  This...

Classroom gaming surge: helpful or harmful?

Classroom gaming surge: helpful or harmful?

Aden Richman and Cameron Reynolds March 13, 2024

  As the grueling seconds tick by in the classrooms of Sequoia High School, students have been finding it difficult to keep their attention on classroom activities. To cure this low attention span,...

Exploration awaits in adventure games

Jaime Perez, Staff Reporter March 13, 2024

Whether you be battling mythical beings in Greece, or being a cowboy in a changing world in 1899, or even being in a zombie apocalypse. These games are known as adventure games. According to Acer Corner...

Game Pigeon

Priya Ansnes, Staff Reporter March 13, 2024

Picture this, you’re playing 8 Ball before first period starts and you’re one hit away from winning the game. You line up your stick and you go for it. You miss the shot and your friend rubs it in...

Domini Hoskins Museum & Learning Center makes its annual debut for Black History Month

Domini Hoskins Museum & Learning Center makes its annual debut for Black History Month

Haylee Huynh, Co-Editor in Chief February 2, 2024

Opening its doors in the heart of downtown Redwood City, the Domini Hoskins Museum and Learning Center commemorates the first day of Black History Month on Thursday, Feb. 1.   The museum...

From students to alumni

From students to alumni

Zoraya King, Co-Feature Editor December 14, 2023

Established in 1895, Sequoia High School has been home to thousands of students and countless graduating classes. Outlasting technological changes from the abacus to our beloved TI-84 calculators, Sequoia’s...

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