Jersey collection reveals extreme love of sports

Matt Eisenberg, Staff Reporter

Sophomore Brandon Ardwan has worn a basketball jersey every day to school since fifth grade, almost 2000 school days. He has a collection which nears 100 jerseys and he has been collecting them since the third grade. It’s a lot, but Ardwan is deeply connected to all of them.

“Usually when you go to a game you get one,” said Ardwan “and you can see the players wearing them, so it’s kind of like a little connection.”

Ardwan received his first jersey during third grade from his grandfather. Ever since then he has been building up his collection, with most of his jerseys coming from his grandmother, grandfather and father. Though he does not know the exact number, he estimates that his collection nears 100 total jerseys.

While most Sequoia students will not go out and buy 100 jerseys, Ardwan says that most people would benefit from buying a couple jerseys because of the powerful impact that it bestows on owners.

“If they like the sport, if they want a deeper connection to their team,” said Ardwan “it’s a great way.”

For Ardwan, his jerseys are more than just articles of clothing. They are powerful ways to connect intimately with family and friends.

I have a Larry Bird jersey which is special to me because it’s my grandpa’s favorite jersey,” Ardwan said. “He always talked about how cool it would be to get one, so now that I have one, I can connect with him every time I wear it.”

Many of Ardwan’s friends have taken notice of his jersey obsession, and how they can affect his mood.

“They make him happy,” said Sophomore Clayton Orazem, football player, friend of Ardwan and fellow sports memorabilia lover. “Even when he is having a bad day, he talks about them.”

Jerseys are a powerful symbol of fandom, and there is no better way to show love of a specific sports team than to own that team’s jersey.

In an 2013 article from orts on Earth sportswriter Thom Loverro wrote, “The jersey has become the flag of sports —the most powerful symbol of the connection between fans and their teams.”

Jerseys not only connect fans to players, but they also symbolize the success of the players and drive the jersey’s owner to work hard in order to achieve their goals.

For Orazem and Ardwan, one of their biggest goals is to play a sport for a D1 college.

“It’s a dream to go play for a big four-year college,” Orazem said. “It makes him feel like he can do the same thing [playing for a D1 college] or a little higher.”

Besides just motivation, jerseys also provide confidence for the owner.

Sophomore Christian Navorro agrees.

“I have a dri-fit Stephen Curry jersey because when I put that on I feel like I can make any shot,” Navorro said.

Jerseys are very expensive, but they are great tools to bond over. Even with the cost, many people such as Ardwan would say that jerseys are worth it.

“They’re really good quality,they’re really special, it’s something that will last a lifetime,” said Ardwan “And you’ll always cherish the memories you have with them.”