2023’s Drama I and II showcase


Amara Bakshi and Nora Kovscek

This Friday, May 19, Sequoia Drama’s I and II classes performed in their annual showcase. This year’s theme centered around politics and government in a humorous tone. Around 70 students are involved in Drama classes this year and were featured onstage and behind the scenes of the showcase.

Drama I’s “How to Overthrow Your Student Government,” written by Ian McWethy, featured small dance numbers and active audience participation. The show described a high school freshman losing the run for student body president and 4 ancient Roman dictators guiding and persuading the student to try and bring down the democracy of the school.    

“I honestly was so confused about what it was about, but I think every show I perform is fun. It was so much different than ‘Trap,’” sophomore and Drama I student Dani Pardini said. 

Drama II performed “Citizens United” by Kate Cortesi, which was about the restriction of free speech regarding government election campaigns. Prior to the production of the show, some students may not have been informed about certain political terms that they were performing and this gave them an opportunity to learn. 

“The play talks about all these new terms that I never heard of before, like electioneering and the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act. Those are things that I and most of the class weren’t familiar with. But now all of us have this sort of understanding of these political terms,” junior and Drama II student Cassandra Chin said.

The Drama Showcase is Drama’s second to last show of the year, with a student-run and created show, “Right To Rule,” this week on May 26 and 27 at 7:00 pm. In turn, the drama class has grown together throughout the year.

“We’re definitely a lot closer with each other. We’re kind of like a family and one big community in the class. And we also learned a lot more this year than we did last year. So we all have increased knowledge on theater and playwright and acting techniques and just how putting on a production works,” Chin said.

“It’s really a special place. There are a lot of different people that come from a lot of different backgrounds and groups. It’s a place where you can really show off your creative side in a unique way,” junior and Drama II student Aminah Evans said.