Old Hollywood Prom at San Francisco City Hall


Last Saturday, April 22, students got the chance to live like movie stars as they walked the Prom red carpet at San Francisco’s City Hall.

 While old Hollywood was the theme, those who attended got a taste of modern celebrity culture through the activities and games available. Students were able to enjoy air hockey, karaoke, silent disco and unique photo opportunities. 

Junior Victoria Hamann notes some activities were more popular and that students’ positive attitudes contributed to her enjoyment of all that was offered. 

“I think they did a good job with the variety of activities. The silent disco was definitely a favorite. I saw a lot of people with headphones on throughout the night. The karaoke was fun too. I didn’t feel a lot of pressure to actually sing that good as everyone was just happy,” Hamann said. 

Free food being provided also enhanced feelings of fame among attendees. Sequoia found taco caterers as well as a Dippin Dots cart for dessert. The tacos had multiple ingredient options, including just tortilla chips and cheese, making nachos an option. Also, with a range of flavors to choose from, the Dippin Dots were a crowd favorite.

Junior Jodi Acuna Vicente adds they particularly enjoyed the tiny ice cream spheres.

“There were so many areas to check out, but I think one of my favorites was the free Dippin Dots,” Vicente said.

For many, Saturday was their first impression of San Francisco City Hall. As it has both the classy and historical elements of old Hollywood, Sequoia could not have chosen a more fitting venue for this year’s Prom. It could be considered another activity in its own right, as the layout was unique and fun to explore. 

“It was pretty,” Vicente said. “I haven’t been here before, and when we went up the stairs, it was kind of like a maze. It was so big, and there’s a lot of turns and different rooms to go into.”

Overall, students were grateful to Sequoia for all that went into organizing the night.

“The venue was grand,” Hamann said. “It’s pretty amazing our school was able to do this for us.”