Winter fashion


Abby Aguayo (She/Her), Graphics Editor

2022 Winter fashion has evolved from past winter clothing. We are accessorizing more and are wearing clothing from different time eras and combining it with today’s fashion. Some of the fashion staple pieces that are being worn world wide today have been around since the early 1900s, serving different purposes and were not for fashion like being shown in 2022.

The Moto/ leather Jacket:
The moto/ leather jacket has always been around and has been considered as a forever fall fashion staple piece . The Moto/ Leather jacket, also known as “flight jackets”, was created in 1917 specifically made for World War one pilots to keep them warm in extreme cold and high altitude. The 1950s is when they made their appearance to the world and began to be worn by celebrities. The iconic Marlon Brando and James Dean gave the leather- Moto jacket its first appearance on the silver screen in 1953 and 1955. Later in the 1970-80s is when Women began to wear them and later led the Leather- Moto Jacket to be a pervasive part of fashion and culture as it continued being worn throughout the 1990s and 2000s. Fast forward to today the Jacket is still being worn and is a timeless piece of clothing. The jacket mainly makes its appearance during the winter where it is normally paired with jeans or with dresses for an oversized, effortless look.

Puffer Jackets:
The puffer jacket was the invention of Eddie Bauer in 1936. Originally called the Skyliner, its purpose was to keep Bauer warm after his experience with a near death case of hypothermia but his clothing piece caught the public eye and was being modeled by brands. Fashion designer Charles James gave the jacket its recognition when he made alterations creating the quilted satin evening jacket. In the 1970s the jacket gained its popularity as James gave the public a description of his design. Later down the road more and more designers will make their own version of Bauers creation and the more the public begins to wear it. Fast forward to now, the puffer jacket is being worn with every piece of clothing you can imagine. Often paired with trousers for a dressed up street look, jeans for a more relaxed street look and with sweatpants for a comfortable and laid back look. In 2022, The North Face is considered the brand with the best puffer jacket overall according to GQ magazine .

Uggs have always been around but never paired with the clothing they are being paired with today. Commonly known for their boots, the brand UGG began in Australia and were worn mainly by surfers in the 1960s to keep warmth in their feet. Later in the 1994, the US olympic team put the UGG Boot on the map as they grew in popularity. Then in the 2000s was when the boots were being worn by celebrities and began a trend, they were being worn on red carpets and being worn with every style of clothing. Paris Hilton was a big part of their popularity as she would wear them very often in the 2000s. Now in 2022, the trend with UGG is their platform based slipper as Supermodel Bella Hadid was captured wearing the “UGG Classic Ultra Mini Platform” in New York City September 19 2022. UGG now has many of their slippers sold out as UGGs are being worn with every type of clothing.