Boosters Fund New Mural

Greta Reich, Staff Reporter

The Sequoia raven is a mascot we see painted all around the school grounds. They are bright, lively murals that define the Sequoia campus, but we never stop to think about how these paintings got there. Now, the people who painted them are back to give us another delightful painting.

Kurt Godula started Kourt Graphics back in 1975, just after he got out of high school. His son, Keith, joined 6 years ago, and together the father-son duo paints murals for high schools, colleges, and NBA teams on the road. Kurt designed and painted the old Warriors logo that was on their gym floor at Oracle Arena, and when the Warriors moved to Chase Center, the Godula’s were asked back to paint the logo that we see on their gym floor today. 

The raven on the Sequoia basketball court and on the gym wall was done by them as well. In fact, it is because of those that they proposed the idea for this new mural. They got the necessary funding from the Sequoia boosters club’s Fund – a – Need at the crab feed.

“It started with us designing that logo in [the gym] because you guys were just ‘S’, ” Keith Godula said. “We wanted you guys to have an identity and a mascot, so we said ravens… We designed the raven logo for you and did all the stuff inside and then we’re standing there just looking at this wall. It’s right where you walk into the football field, so it’s a perfect spot for this!”

When you see this mural, you will agree that it is the perfect spot. Not only is it unavoidable when entering the football field or basketball gym from the gym side, but it also calls attention to our mascot, the raven, who cannot be seen anywhere on the football field. This fall, both new students and old will get a nice surprise with this beautiful new mural. 

Son with the Golden State Warrior symbol