Making change our friend

Taylor Gayner, Editor-in-chief

Change. It’s everywhere. It’s something that all people face, and all people are forced to deal with. Sometimes it can be easy to work around and move on with your life, but it often times can be more impactful and difficult to cope with. In the world of journalism, change is a close friend to all reporters. Stories change, deadlines change, positions change, and the field as a whole is ever-changing. The demand for print news has taken a rapid decrease in the last decade as technology and digital reporting have become more ideal. But we, as journalists, are here for it. 

For us at the Raven Report, we have seen a tantamount amount of change— both minor and extensive. In our little journalism world, we’ve grown to love and then had to say goodbye to three different advisors in the last three years. We’ve now made memories and created amazing things in three different computer labs and classrooms on campus. We’ve had to inspire our staff for years to move with the times to ensure that we are creating the best, most relevant work in the form in which our readers want to digest it. So yes, change is hard. And yes, we’ve seen a lot of it, but we are here to stay nevertheless. With a new school year ahead of us, alongside our fourth (and hopefully long-term) advisor, we are excited to continue providing this school and its community with the quality and consistent news we have for so long. 

Instead of running from this change, we have chosen to embrace it. Many curve balls have been thrown at us unexpectedly, but we have decided to interpret each of them as little gifts. The journalism gods have presented us with the gift of being able to mold this publication into exactly what we think our community would like. To better reflect our school, our magazine is continuing to grow in diversity and coverage and to meet the demands of students, we are making it more artistically relevant and visually pleasing. To accomplish this, we need the support of our students. If you feel that there is a pressing issue on our campus that is failing to be addressed, we want to hear from you. Or, if you are someone who expresses themselves through art or photography, send it our way. We want to incorporate ideas and creations from more than just our staff in hopes to accurately reflect our student body. 

We hope that you, as readers, choose to embrace change alongside us.