The Art Of Cooking


Isabella Burns, Staff Reporter

The art of cooking. Flavors that ravenge around you in an array of colors and taste. The composition, composure. Combining certain flavors that can make the most opposing ingredients combine. Getting these skills usually is available through a culinary arts college, However though Sequoia’s culinary program we gain that extra opportunity to learn the arts, or is their under weighing budget the only item simmering on the menu. 

Cooking should not be a privilege for people to have, it should be an opportunity that everyone should take. “Cooking within in schools promotes the lifetime skill of healthy cooking starting at a young age. Teens spend time cooking instead of engaged in screen time, as well as skipping less healthy prepared or processed snack foods as they prepare their own food more.” Stated These skills could also provide skills and advantages to cooking healthy food and staying on a good diet. 

Recently, The culinary arts budget has been underweight tremendously, having most of their supplies being reused and limited access to food choices, compared to other elective classes. Most of their food is either bought by the little sustaining funds they have, making it undoubtedly hard to produce a working and adequate environment.

In a New York Times article titled “Should Schools Teach Children How To Cook” stated that,“Too many Americans simply don’t know how to cook. Our diets, consisting of highly processed foods made cheaply outside the home thanks to subsidized corn and soy, have contributed to an enormous health crisis. More than half of all adults and more than a third of all children are overweight or obese. Chronic diseases associated with weight gain, like heart disease and diabetes, are hobbling more and more Americans.” Cooking classes for public school students should not need to be so utterly stripped of content, or so cynical about students’ abilities to cook and enjoy high-quality food, so that a healthier alternative for them is in their full capability.

Treating a culinary class fairly and having adequate funds as other electives is essential for the better future of students wanting to learn the art of cooking, and it could be beneficial for years to come. So, what’s on your plate?