School’s Left-Wing environment, effect on Right-Leaning students


Claire Tom

Teens differing views impair connection

David Ramirez, Feature Editor

Every year, our political environment is continually evolving and changing, as are opinions and perspectives. Sequoia is undoubtedly a more left-leaning environment. As a result, right-leaning students may face difficulties, difficulties that can be prevented as long as we are open and much more tolerable to different perspectives.

Us teenagers have come across differing beliefs and, a lot of the time, fire is fought with fire. It’s time to instead attempt and succeed in conceiving peace. 

Today’s youth has involved themselves in politics; the reason being we are exposed to it more now due to its prominence and the impact it may have on us; whether it be the media, family conversations, or school discussions. To talk about political subjects with a specific opinion is most definitely important, though the significant left-leaning environment leaves out groups of students, like our right-wing leaning peers.

 Sequoia always strives to be all-inclusive as it appeals to liberal-leaning ideas for example, our LGBTQ+ as well as Feminist posters and very inclusive events. While many students may believe that is what should be preached, right-wing leaning students may have different stances and may make them feel excluded.

Schools have a significant impact on their students; left-leaning students are more constant here because of the influence the school has on them. The influence is that hate is not okay, and that acceptance is essential, as seen through our events, posters and our welcoming atmosphere. That influence is crucial, but what they label as hate is more left-wing ideology, or at least it is quickly perceived that way. Ultimately, left-leaning students, students overall, can have flawed ideology just like most people.

 From lurking and walking around our school hallways, I’ve heard peers constantly bombard conservative ideas and view them as antagonistic ideology and are quick to dismiss their notions. It could be because left-wing ideology is observed to be the more morally correct side.

We must find the courage to shape our political ideas because it affects our lifestyle, our knowledge, whom we think we should vote for when we’re older, and what to avoid or fix in the future. Not only will that help find our voices, but it can also connect us more. Being solely guided by others rather than learning and harboring our knowledge is not helpful.

 Sequentially, there is much litigious behavior of both political parties going on in places like the media, schools, work, and casual settings. In Sequoia, right-wing students are the minority, and it doesn’t allow more conversations in classes for students to develop opinions of their own in a filtered way, by pinpointing their beliefs through research and morals rather than influenced by others.

It’s time, society comes together to stand against today’s problems and make differences. Ways to do that is to have everyone safely converse their opinions, as well as to allow healthy discussion. We don’t have to invalidate other people because of what they believe; we don’t have to agree either, but arguing won’t solve anything. Learning from one another and earning and receiving respect must be imperative so we as a society can move forward.