Boys set up for the first spike in Sequoia history

Image courtesy of Giphy

Image courtesy of Giphy

Collin Mavrinac, Staff Reporter

For the first time in Sequoia’s history there will be a boys’ volleyball team, to start their season this spring. In the past, due to lack of gym space, funding and interested players, Sequoia has never formed a team.

The first season will only be holding one varsity team, and they will be in the Peninsula Athletic
League (PAL) division.

“The gym space issue hasn’t really changed, we’ve just decided to get creative, practicing late until basketball season ends and using gym three at first, instead of the main gym.” Athletic Director Melissa
Schmidt said. “It also felt like this particular group of kids were really motivated and willing to help make this all work.”

Schmidt held a meeting on September 18 to get an idea of how popular the team would be to boys at Sequoia.

“The meeting was really to gauge interest. We had a great turnout, so we’re going to proceed with having a
team,” Schmidt said.

Sophomore Jack Pedrotti, who is interested in playing for Sequoia, has played club volleyball for Bay to Bay in San Jose since before high school. He pitched the idea to Schmidt, saying he wants to be able to represent the school in sports.

“I wanted to bring [volleyball] to this school because I feel like it’s a good fit for [Sequoia] because it’s very diverse,” Pedrotti said. “I feel like people could find something that they like.”

One of the bigger conflicts was finding a coach while bringing the idea together, but Schmidt overcame that obstacle, having basketball coach Steve Picchi agree to coach boys volleyball.

Since 1977, Picchi has coached women’s volleyball and basketball among others, but this will be his first season ever in boys volleyball.
“What’s appealing to me is starting a new program and getting it off to a good start, and just getting a really positive foundation going,” Picchi said. “I’m gonna push [the team] hard, but I’m gonna make it fun.”

Picchi wants to go into this season as an organized team. Tryouts will be in late January, and if students did not attend the meeting, there will be more held by Picchi in the future.

“I plan to have a meeting in mid-November and I’ll probably have another in early or mid-december to make sure everyone knows what’s expected.” Picchi said. “I’ll run a few open gyms, probably beginning in December, to get an idea of how the team will be.”

Picchi expects male athletes in other sports hope to bring some of their alternative skill into the tryouts.

Junior Sam Schult has played basketball during his entire time as a Cherokee, but played volleyball briefly in middle school.

“I think it’s pretty cool that we get the first ones to be able to try [out boys volleyball].” Schult said. “I play basketball, so hand-eye coordination will help me [if I get to play].”

No teams are official yet. Everyone has to try out for a spot, then it will be up to Picchi and his assistant coach to organize the players in the way they feel best.

“There might be 12 to 14 spots, give or take.” Picchi said. “It’s gonna be the kids that show the most potential.”