What’s up guys? 

Sam Brook, Staff Reporter

It’s the girls, and we think there are some things about us that you need to understand.

First of all, we are not all basic. We know many of you think of us as b*tches who spend our mornings covering ourselves in makeup and weekend nights drinking. However, there is much more to every girl than just leggings and mascara.

Being generalized as ‘weak’ is one of the worst things to live with. This stereotype originates from the early roots of humanity, when women were seen as the ones who were meant to have babies and stay at home. Today, we have women running for president and leading protests around the country. Still, we constantly feel like guys are trying to express the idea that men are better—stronger—than women when, in reality, we should be treated as equals.

Some girls like to wear dresses, some like to wear leggings, some like to wear jeans and some like to wear skirts. This does not mean we are dressing to please you—we can want to look nice for ourselves.

When we get upset, it’s not just because we are overreacting, or because it’s “that time of the month.” Most women are more in touch with their feelings than men are, so when things hit us, they hit us hard. When we’re in tough emotional situations, things can sometimes end in tears or breakdowns.

Also know that, when girls call themselves feminists, it doesn’t mean they think they are better than guys, it means they want equality for all genders. When you shame someone for being a feminist, you’re speaking against equality, not misandry.

If you’re intending to pursue us as soon as you meet us you’re not starting off well. Sure, girls like to be impressed, but not if your motive is to get with us. We like having guy friends, and if you’re concerned about the “friend zone” know that being friends with a girl first normally leads to a better relationship.

Periods are the monthly discharge of blood from the uterus. During this process women experience a menagerie of hormonal and physical health effects such as acne, joint and muscle pain, upset stomach and constipation. We have the right to complain. We’re not sorry if it’s annoying or “gross”  to you because it sucks and we have to deal with it every single month until we’re about 50.

Boys, hopefully I provided some kind of understanding, because after all you’ll need to understand your future boss and hopefully the next president.