Winter Sports Wrap-Up

Soana Afu and Sarah Fazio

Boys Soccer (10-8-3) 3rd in Bay League

“The [new] coaches have completely transformed the entire program and definitely deserve the credit regarding our success this season. They provided the backbone to the team.”

—Danielle Huber, junior

“I think the best moment of the season was when we won our first CCS round game. That was pretty good because we got to advance and we’re the sec-
ond Sequoia team to advance, so that was pretty exciting.”

—Kara Shannon, junior

“We kind of slumped near the beginning of regular season but we ended pretty strong … One of the best moments of the season was probably destroying Woodside.”

—Kyle Spottiswood, junior

“I feel like our season went good overall. We put a lot of hard work in throughout the summer and towards the end. It’s nice that we got league champs in back-to-back PAL tournaments, but I feel like we could have gone farther.”

—Jean Ayarza, senior

“We had a lot of new people coming out, so it was really a lot of fun to build our wrestling community. Overall, [our season] was good … One of my teammates, Iris Guizar, she went to state, she
placed 3rd in CCS, so she obviously did really great. We’re all really proud of her.”

—Maya Metro, senior


Photos Courtesy of Sequoia Yearbook