Fall Sports Wrap Up

Ysabelle Punzal and Sarah Fazio


Photo courtesy of Stacey Giles

Girls Water Polo

Varsity (0-7) JV (4-2-1)

“The season went pretty well considering we got moved up a league. Even if we did lose every game, I think we did give it our best.”—Maddy Waddell, senior

Girls Volleyball
Varsity (3-11) JV (6-7)

“We bonded a lot as a team and we definitely grew a lot, even though we lost the last [game]. We get really hard on ourselves, and I think that it would have been nice if we were able to think more positive and realize that we can move on to the next point.”—Megumi Swarthout, senior

Photo courtesy of Megumi Swarthout

Girls Tennis

“I think the season went fairly well. We got fourth place so it’s not too bad, but we definitely could have gotten better.”—Julia Banfield, junior

Cross Country
Girls Varsity (3/17) Boys Varsity (7/17)

“The best moment of the season was being able to stick through the last race because a lot of people were having a hard time and it was really hot—over 90 degrees.”—Noah Vauclair, junior

Boys Water Polo
Varsity (11-0) JV (9-0)

“I think [the season] went very well. We went undefeated. We had a lot of great players and a lot of people developed. We are all just brethren united among one sport.”—Anthony Tanzillo, junior

Photo by Aviva Futornick

Girls Golf

“We did well, I don’t think we did as well as past years, but it was really fun because it was something that I hadn’t tried before and it was relaxed but also really rewarding when you won.” —Emma Licko, senior



“One of the best moments of the season has to be the South City Game. First game of league. We didn’t win that game, but in [it] we went into overtime and we fought really hard in overtime. That really showed what kind of team we were.”—Brian Madrigal, senior