Shadow Program illuminates introductions to Sequoia life


Lauren Stevens

The Sequoia Shadow program exposes prospective students to the realities of life on campus even before they choose to attend.

Jay Tipirneni, Staff Reporter

Hundreds of eighth graders shadow at Sequoia every year, but some are prepared by siblings or friends. Others come with nothing.

Many of the shadows that eventually attend Sequoia see a completely different setting than what they initially saw from their shadow experience the previous year. Because of this, there are new initiatives to help give a more accurate look at Sequoia.

These improvements include allowing students in all grades to be shadow hosts and allowing Mondays to be shadow days rather than only block days. Even post-shadow surveys and reviews are being implemented for students and parents to help understand what could be done better.

“We’re always trying to improve the [shadow] program,” said Student Activity Director and Shadow Coordinator Corey Uhalde.

Many former shadows who attend Sequoia think of their experience as eye-opening and enjoyable. Some of the classes they previewed as shadows are now classes they are taking, and some even attribute their shadow experience as to why they are able to integrate well into those classes.

“I have a class that my host had when I shadowed him. Seeing the class then really helped me get the feel of it and is probably why I already know some of the stuff they’re teaching,” freshman Josue Sandoval said.

An aspect of Sequoia that freshmen struggle with is the campus layout, but the shadow experience can help them.

“My host gave me a strong idea of the campus. It helped me in the first week of school when everyone else was lost,” freshman Andres Baisch said.

As for how teachers and students want Sequoia to be presented, both have similar opinions. Uhalde emphasizes that Sequoia should try to present itself as a welcoming community.

“I am really, really proud of what we’ve built to be our motto and image of Sequoia—a place of friends.”