Varsity Boys Track and Field score league title

Krista Weaver, Staff Reporter

For the first time in many years, Varsity Boys  Track and Field won the League Title. They are currently in the Ocean divisionthe highest division. They have not won this title (in this division) since 1998. With a total of four wins and only one loss, Varsity Boys were able to pull ahead of the other schools and win.

To win the League Title, each school competes against 14 others in its division at dual meets, and, at the end, whoever has the most wins ultimately claims the title.

At dual meets, runners compete individually, and, depending on the overall places they get in a meet, they get points that contribute to their overall team score. First place receives five points, second place three points and third place one point. Typically, when a team reaches 69 points or above, it wins the event; in the end, however, whoever reaches the most points wins the dual meet. A team record of a combination of these wins and losses contributes to the League Title.

“I think a lot of people who have been here from the start, like myself and other juniors and seniors, felt like it was something that a lot of people did not expect us to [do], and we did. It felt like we had defied the odds,” junior Ryan Reed said.

As next year rolls around, Varsity Boys hope to win League title again, and, for now, some individuals are continuing on to the championships.

“Winning only comes from hard work,” senior Chris Charekian said. “If you don’t put the work in, nothing comes out.”