For One Week, I drank a full 2 liters of water per day

Zack Rosenblatt, Copy Editor

Similar to pretty much every teen on the face of the earth, I feel myself wishing that tomorrow will bring clearer skin to my face. Though I do feel fortunate that I have clearer skin than some of my peers, there is always that nagging annoyance when a small red spot shows up.


I do make it a priority to wash my face when I wake up and when I go to sleep, but that can only do so much. I always wondered if there was something else easy I could be doing to get myself picture perfect skin.


Fast forward to about a week ago, while trying to decide which “week long challenge” I would try, I figured it would be good to do something that would actually be beneficial for my health and maybe, just maybe, help me develop a good habit that can serve me well throughout my life.


I’ve sometimes heard people say that the key to clear skin as a teen was drinking a lot of water. In reality, it makes sense that more water could translate to a cleaner body and cleaner skin. But the laziness that floated over the idea of having to go all the way to REI to get myself a water bottle I would actually use kept me away from going on a water binge.


Still trying to find a perfect “week long challenge”, I promptly decided to challenge myself to drink the “proper” amount of water per day for a week and see for myself what kind of effects a water binge would have on me.


According to WebMD, AuthorityNutrition and MayoClinic, the “8×8” rule is the easy answer to how much water a human should drink every day. This means excluding variables like climate and health, you should drink, eight times, eight ounces of water.


With this in mind, I set out to REI to buy myself a shiny new HydroFlask, something it seems like ALL the cool kids have. There was only a 24 ounce bottle left so I settled for a drinking goal of 72 ounces per day (3 bottles full), a titch over the aforementioned recommended 64 ounces.


Day One

I woke up, and I’m ready and excited to do this. What can be easier than drinking water  all day? I washed out my sleek flask and filled it with ice and water, very satisfied with myself. I took my first sip and felt like a champion. I had been awake for about 1 hour and had already drunk my first full bottle out of the three per day I need. I fill up my bottle and start drinking again.  There is really no difference I feel in myself at the end of the night other than I am using the restroom two times more.


Day Two

My girlfriend came over and she said my skin looks more radiant. I am starting to believe this actually  works! I’m thinking that I’m going to continue to drink this much water even after the week purely because of how well my HydroFlask is keeping my water cold. The few ice cubes I put in at the beginning are still there by the end of the day! I am very impressed.


Day Three

I am starting to see some noticeable results in my skin. Maybe it is just me dreaming or a physiological effect, but I seem to be developing clearer skin. Also, my skin just feels less oily in general. I am still visiting the restroom abnormally often, which can be a problem at school. I am also starting to learn where all the water refilling stations are around campus as I have to refill my HydroFlask two times everyday.  I also spent a lot of time showing off my new Hydro Flask to other people at school. I felt like I was joining some kind of cult.


Day Four

I’m getting into the routine of drinking 3 full bottles a day. It’s a lot of water, especially at school, but I am getting through it.  Again, I am seeing differences in my skin being clearer. All the restroom trips are taking away my extra credit, which is tough to deal with, but I guess it’s all in the name of science! I am also starting to feel less hungry during the day. It seems that if I drink the 2 liters a day, I don’t have random cravings during the day like I did before. Interesting…


Day Seven

The last day of the challenge. Finishing up this one week challenge was bittersweet. The effects that the water had on me were undeniably positive and very rewarding. Though I am sure that I will be drinking more water from now on, I am not sure it will be as much as I have been due to usual lack of motivation. Regardless, after completing this challenge, I can vouch that drinking 64 ounces of water or more per day does indeed boost clear skin and a significant uptick in well being. As well as clearer skin, I have also witnessed a reduction in food cravings while on the ‘water diet’.
Overall, this challenge was extremely rewarding. Though it may sometimes cost some money and require patience while going through bathroom passes. I recommend that everyone tries this challenge if they want to try something new and possibly beneficial.