Conditioning crucial training for success

Krista Weaver, Staff Reporter

Every sport requires different skills and preparation in their own ways, but does conditioning help to emphasize these techniques for games later on in the season?

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rts Injuries, physical conditioning in sports helps build on the skill sets of power, strength, speed, balance, agility, coordination and endurance. In turn, this later helps prevent injury, because after a while of conditioning, muscles become stronger.

During conditioning, sports train differently and strengthen other skills.

“Conditioning [for Badminton] takes 10-15 minutes or less, and right after that we get into games. We mostly do the stuff on the wall like liners, side steps, [and] lunges,” junior Gracie Hanson said.

Coaches tend to focus on the physical aspect of the sport instead of the mentality. “[To further improve practice/conditioning], I think there should be more reinforcements from mentality during races. I think your mentality when doing a sport is really crucial, so I think it could be interesting to incorporate more mental exercises,” sophomore Mary Grace Mylod-Vargas said.

Mentality, whether realized or not, can have a huge impact during a race, game, or match. For example, during long distance events in swimming such as the 500 (20 laps) freestyle, or the two mile in track, it pays off to have a strong mentality to finish.