Sequoia campus grows to fit growing student body


Nick Abraham, Entertainment Editor

The new A-wing opened Feb. 1, despite classes starting two weeks prior. Several English and science classes are hosted in the complex near Elwood lot. It is also a temporary location for classes previously located in the M-wing, which is currently under construction, itself.

Students are seeming to enjoy the new and clean atmosphere of the new A-wing.

“The A-wing is as clean as a hospital,” sophomore Tom Woodward said.

Another positive change for many students is the new convenience they have in getting to class compared to before. This is especially true for English students that previously had to make the trek to the portable classrooms.

“On my A days, I have English and Band right next to each other, so I don’t have to move,” sophomore Jacob Givens said. “I’m not in a hurry and or tardy anymore because I don’t have to worry about the distance.”