Winter sports wrap up

Krista Weaver, Staff Reporter

Boys Soccer

“[This season] our biggest competition is MA, and our first [game] against MA was pretty challenging but we tied 0-0” (Manny Jimenez Rodriguez, freshman)

Overall score: JV: (6-1-1 ) as of 2/6/17  Varsity: (4-0-10) as of 2/6/17

Girls Soccer

“[During this season] coming out strong and staying strong has been hard for us sometimes, but we have become [stronger] playing as a unit” (Siena Falzon, senior)             

Overall score: JV- (4-0-1) as of 2/6/17 Varsity- (9-2-3) as of 2/6/17


Boys Basketball

“I think [the hardest challenge the team has faced was] when we lost to Carlmont. That was kind of rough because we really wanted to win that game, so after that things were a little bit tense, but [since then] we’ve gotten back on track” (Jonathan Heist, junior)

Overall score: JV- (13-0-4) as of 3/6/17  Varsity-(17-0-4) as of 3/6/17 Freshman- (7-0-5) as of 3/6/17

Girls Basketball

“Before a game we huddle up in the locker room and we talk for a little bit and then we do this thing where we pound on the lockers and just scream and we get in a huddle and we’re like “What time is it? Game time!” (Makena Roberts, junior)

Overall score: JV- (4-0-5) as of 2/6/17 Varsity- (7-0-14) as of 2/6/17

Boys Wrestling

“[Wrestling is] not just a sportit teaches you a lot of life lessons and carries you throughout not only [your school life] but also your daily life. You build a bond with not only the coaches but the players because the tournaments last all day” (Kasi Talea Pohahau, junior)

Overall score: (*No scores to report on*)

Girls Wrestling

“[My favorite moments from the season are] going to tournaments with my team. Everybody’s there and tournaments are all day (from 7 A.M. to 7 P.M.) so we make a lot of memories with [the] team” (Maya Metro, junior)

(*No scores to report on*)