Freshman Guide to the Galaxy: Tips for navigating freshman year

Ah, freshman year, that time of social flailing where you’re trying to work out your place

in the social hierarchy (hint: you’re at the bottom). Thankfully, not all the upperclassmen are

out to destroy your social life, despite what Sequoia’s own Kenny Ortega wants you to believe.

Here are some tips to help freshmen navigate (and stay on the sides of) the halls.


The upperclassmen on the Do’s and Don’ts:

Adalberto Villalobos, senior

Do: “Just because it’s freshman year doesn’t mean you

shouldn’t try. If you put in good habits freshman

year, you’ll carry them through all of high school.”

Going to tutorials, doing your homework and asking for

help will benefit you in the future.

Don’t: “Don’t clump in the middle of the hallway.”

The hallways are like streets. Always stay to the right of the

road, and never, never, go against the flow of traffic.


Jordan Resnick, junior

Do: “Make sure you have good time management skills, because

the work does add up.”

Your schoolwork may not seem difficult now, but believe us, IB is coming. Prepare now.

Don’t: “When you’re a freshman, you just don’t go into the senior


The Sequoia campus is huge! Explore it! There are plenty of gorgeous spots on campus that you and your friends can

claim for yourselves.


Shayan Weera, senior

Do: “Never say ‘no’ to anything just because your friends don’t

think it’s cool.”

Be your own person! High school is about figuring out who you are, not following your friends.

Don’t: “Don’t stand in the middle of the hallways, because it

annoys all the upperclassmen.”

When you have a 5 minute passing period to get across campus, you’re gonna want a

clear hallway.