Disruptive construction continues

Matt Eisenberg, Staff Reporter

Ominous chemical smells and loud noises have been infiltrating classrooms since the beginning of this year as construction workers have been renovating and updating the Sequoia campus. While the building of new classrooms is necessary, current students and teachers are being forced to suffer through the loud noises and other inconveniences caused by the construction during the school day.

“It is really distracting,” physics teacher Allison Stafford said. “It’s hard to think when people are hammering and sawing off sand.”

Due to the construction, the gate by the quad has been shut, which adds much time to many students’ commutes to the portables, newly-moved even farther out near the softball field.

“I have a class that’s really close to that area,” senior Erica Yao said, “And now I have to walk through the quad, which is a lot longer and farther; so even if I am on time, it often takes a while getting into the parking lot, having to walk so far is also an issue.”

As well as the current construction, two more phases are planned for future projects.