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Dishing it out over acai bowls: Vitality vs. Bare

Rio Popper, Staff Reporter

October 12, 2015

  Acai (a-sigh-ee) bowls seem to have captured the minds, mouths, and wallets of Sequoia students. But which of the two nearby restaurants is better—Vitality Bowls or Bare Bowls? Acai bowls are somewhere between a smoothie and ice-cream. The base is a thick blend of frozen fruit, ...

Global Glimpse travelers gain new perspective

Carmen Vescia, Executive Editor

September 14, 2015

Fifteen seniors. Two teachers. Three countries. Over 113,240 miles travelled in total. One summer. These 15 seniors, as well as English teachers Jose Rosario and Justine Rutigliano, travelled to Ecuador, Nicaragua or the Dominican Republic and each spent between two and three weeks in a foreign count...

Sequoia Awards honor dedication to community

Sequoia Awards honor dedication to community

Claire Bugos, Managing Editor

June 30, 2015

The 2015 Sequoia Awards, presented to X students from the Sequoia Union High School District for outstanding volunteer efforts in the community, honored Sequoia students Cara Green, Dalia Jude, others? ask dalia. After a series of applications and interviews, winners are chosen from any SUHSD student...

Junior photographer tops 17,000 contestants to win prestigious photography contest

Junior photographer tops 17,000 contestants to win prestigious photography contest

Claire Bugos, Managing Editor

June 30, 2015

A single click of the camera landed her with $2000, a brand new Nikon DSLR camera and the title of one of two high school students out of 17,000 to win the Photographer’s Forum 35th annual Best of High School Photography contest. In the moment, however, junior Kate Heller was thinking only of getting...

Small district staff serves fresh meals daily

Claire Bugos and Dalia Jude

June 30, 2015

Among the long lunch lines lie common misconceptions about the origins of the food that serves an average of 700 students every day at Sequoia. It takes approximately eight hours for the food students eat at lunch to be prepared, transported and distributed at the lunch windows at Sequoia. That is...

Coping with the challenges of homelessness gives student strength

Lily Hartzell, Managing Editor

February 27, 2014

Like many students at Sequoia, Rose prefers English over math. She grew up watching Disney movies and she loves her pet turtle. Unlike most of her peers, however, she is homeless. “It's funny because some people think, '20 bucks to go to the movies, that's nothing.' I get five bucks and I'm lik...

Undocumented students face daunting application process

Simon Greenhill and Emma Peyton

December 4, 2013

Every student’s life is stressful. From challenging classes to a looming breakup, there’s always something to be worried about. Yet for as many as 600 Sequoia students, such concerns pale in the face of a much greater challenge: being undocumented. Undocumented immigrants—people who live in...

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