ASB brings land of Oz to Sequoia

Black and white to bursts of color. Yellow brick roads and witches’ castles. Flying monkeys and great wizards and the Emerald City. Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore.

Associated Student Body (ASB) envisions the land of Oz to come to Gym 1 on Oct. 24 for one night for this year’s theme “No Place Like Homecoming.”

“[Homecoming] is a bigger priority right now,” ASB President Brianna Rosales said, “It’s not as popular as prom or formal because it’s been seen as a freshman thing. We want to change that.”

That’s why this year Homecoming is on a Saturday and semi-formal, to be the dance event with the same reputation of Winter Formal or Prom. ASB hopes to attract more people to sell more tickets, thus growing the funds in ASB to create more activities and dances in the future.

“We’re working hand in hand with publicity. In the past we had stuff that we made but didn’t get out there,” said Activities and Dance Committee head Lauren Berry. “We’re doing video announcements, all of Sequoia’s social media accounts and posters up all around school.”

ASB also makes the theme apparent and visible with decorations this year, compared to last year’s theme, Candyland, which was only vaguely known, according to Rosales. The lobby of Gym 1 will be Kansas, a black and white scene with the farm, an old bike bought and spray painted, and a tornado built out of wood and wire. Most decorations will be some sort of cardboard cutout.

In the gym, a yellow brick road lines the perimeter. A DJ stands in the center towards the back, where Emerald City lies. Around the yellow brick road are the iconic scenes from The Wizard of Oz: the land of Munchkins, where Dorothy meets the Scarecrow, the Apple Woods and the Wicked Witch’s castle. A rainbow of balloons arch over the two gym doors for Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

“It’s taking you through the movie,” Berry said, “One little land at a time.”