Sequoia Awards honor dedication to community


The 2015 Sequoia Awards, presented to X students from the Sequoia Union High School District for outstanding volunteer efforts in the community, honored Sequoia students Cara Green, Dalia Jude, others? ask dalia.

After a series of applications and interviews, winners are chosen from any SUHSD student residing in Redwood City. This year’s awards honored students who have devoted their time to things such as 4-H, Girl Scouts and tutoring.

Most of the awardees receive scholarships of $5,000 and a scholarship of $25,000 was awarded to Cara Green this year for her time spent tutoring at the Catholic Worker House, volunteering through Girl Scouts and helping at an HIV clinic in Tanzania over the summer.

“[Community service] is kind of a give and take,” Green said. “You’re giving them your time but at the same time, when they appreciate your help it makes it really meaningful.”

For her, community service is therapeutic and rewarding.

“Sometimes being in IB and high school and all these difficult classes, it’s hard to focus on things that aren’t surrounding yourself,” Green said. “A lot of times it’s about me and how stressed I am, but if I can just go and tutor or go to a Girl Scout event and help someone else, it can help my stress and clear my head, and it’s a nice way to change things up.”