2023 RITMO spotlights Latin American culture


Ethan Butt, Staff Reporter

On May 26, RITMO Latino Festival brought the vibrant and colorful culture of Latin America to the heart of Sequoia. RITMO in Spanish stands for rhythm, and it’s an annual Latin American festival that takes place in San Carlos. For $10, students had the chance to celebrate the unique culture, delicious food and music of Latin America at the quad last Friday. 

“My favorite part of RITMO is definitely showing off what it is like to celebrate with our family and I usually consider people within my community, my family and being able to express that,” junior Noami Leon Fernandez said.

The celebration was hosted by Latino Student Union and included different booths selling food, including fruit and traditional Latino snacks inside cups. 

Additionally, people learned about the rich culture and music of Latin American culture and how it’s celebrated at home.

“We implement a lot of these traditions in our home. This is what a fiesta looks like in our home,” Fernandez said. “We usually do all these things to show off traditions and cultures.”

The festival brought a variety of Latin-inspired activities and beverages, however, the main attraction was the live music performed by talented musicians.

“I think my favorite part of RITMO is the live music, and dancing is really fun,” student Jennifer Baires said.

Baires also mentioned how important a role Latin American culture plays in her life and staying connected with family members.

“Every week [my family] has a little get-together just to remind them about family bonding and enjoying each other’s company,” Baires said.
Overall, the good weather and lively atmosphere of the RITMO festival were the perfect way to kick off the summer season.