Students strike



In San Francisco students united together to protest against climate change. The SF youth-led climate strike ran from 10am to 2pm and was held at the Federal building. The climate strike brought awareness to a worldwide issue and allowed us students to show our voice and stand up for justice. Global warming has been an issue for many years and affects everyone, however the adults have done almost nothing to fix it so us students have decided to make the stand on September 20th, 2019. Many students, including me and junior Brenda Guillen,  went to the climate strike.

However, not many students were able to go, but still have a voice to input. I’ve talked to senior Collin Mavrinac and junior Juliette Carbonnet.

Junior Brenda Guillen went to the climate strike to stand up for what she believes in: “if we don’t stop climate change, we may eventually die”. She felt empowered to “stand up and speak up”.

Senior Collin Mavrinac and junior Juliette Carbonnet (who did not go to the strike) found  ways to help the climate everyday. Senior Collin Mavrinac has always recycled, never bought plastic, uses metal straws, goes thrift shopping and even carpools.

Junior Juliette Carbonnet did not go to the climate strike as well, however she wishes she did. Juliette helps the climate in different ways, one of which is not consuming beef. Beef, as well as many other animal products, releases carbon emissions through animal methane and fossil fuels. This is particularly harmful because it furthers the effects of climate change and contributes to greenhouse gasses.