Raven Report

Goals unite students of varying backgrounds

Taylor Gayner and Rio Popper

January 24, 2018

Junior Yasemin Agi’s parents both immigrated here from Turkey—her father when he was seven and her mother when she was in her twenties; today, Agi’s family emphasizes cooking dishes inspired by Turkish and Muslim culture....

Potential presidential policies hit home to many students

Shannon Coan and Isabel Sanchez-Foster

November 2, 2016

Last November, Dream Club members shared personal stories during a fundraising dinner. Debt free college and a wall along the Mexican border are potential outcomes of the presidential election Nov. 8. Depending on whether Republican nominee Donald Trump or Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton wins, these potential policies could hit home for some Sequoia students and their families. IMMIGRATION “America is the land of opportunity—you watch movies and America looks so amazing—you come here for bigger opportunities,” said sophomore Alyanna Belong, a Filipino emigree. America is home to many immigrants who will be vulnerable if certain policies are adopted,...

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