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False fire alarms fuel confusion, disrupt class functionality

Sam Brook, Staff Reporter

May 30, 2018

The alarm is pulled, the fire station is alerted immediately, a light illuminates on the panel next to the gym location, a radio message is sent to all staff with a walkie talkie on campus, teachers start to shuffle their students...

Constraints of helicopter parenting causes kids to catastrophically crash

Simon Clarke, Staff Reporter

April 25, 2018

Making mistakes is universal, especially among teens. A teen’s acknowledgement of a false step to their guardian is no easy task. When parents make their children more comfortable admitting their mistakes, they will progressively...

One size fits small

Sam Brook, Staff Reporter

April 23, 2018

On the quest for a new spring outfit, you search the shelves for something cute. You finally come across the perfect pink shirt and look for your size in the stack. You flip the tag to see what size it is but all you see is ‘ONE SIZE FITS ALL.’ Hmm, ok maybe it will fit, right? You are part of “ALL,” right? You hold up the shirt to find that it would fit you perfectly… if you were the same size as your 6-year-old cousin. One of the first decisions kids get to start making is what they wear. From a young age, girls in particular think about how they look and look at what other girls are wearing. As girls get older, they move on from the  glittery pre-teen stores like Justice a...

Misgendering tears down trans identities

Hannah Kloninger-Stever, Staff Reporter

April 23, 2018

Using someone’s correct pronouns and labels isn’t about how well you like that person; it’s a matter of basic human decency.

Teachers’ absences more beneficial than student’s

Taylor Gayner, Staff Reporter

April 23, 2018

When you walk into class and you see a substitute teacher sitting in the place of your regular teacher, what do you think? That the class period is going to suck because you’re not going to get anything productive done?...

Textbook bias bleeds through to students

Rio Popper, Copy Editor

April 20, 2018

Any textbook is vastly different from any other textbook–even when the books are about the same topic. The books used in California are different than the books used in New York, which are different from the books use din Virginia....

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