Living short vs. living tall: A battle of inches

July 22, 2018


Being 6 feet comes with its perks and can be useful in many situations. Whenever I see someone struggling to get some cereal from the top cabinet, I can always give a hand. If you’re tall enough and can jump high enough then you can dunk, and therefore be cooler than any short person.

You ever get lost in a large crowd? Well if you’re tall you have two advantages in that situation. You can be easily found because your head sticks over everyone elses’ and you can find others easily because you can look over everyone.

As a tall person, I love to impose my height onto my shorter friends by putting my elbow on their heads. It’s always fun to use people as armrests because it always seems to make their short heads hot with anger.

The more I grew, I realized how many vehicles aren’t made for us. Planes are the worst as a tall person because of the leg space being an average of 31 inches. Cars can be a whole different deal and are especially infuriating when you sit in the very back of the car and are forced to spread your legs out in order for you to fit.

One of the most frustrating things about being tall is the fact that clothing and shoes cost more for us than my shorter friends. I completely understand that with larger clothes means higher prices. But despite that I still get jealous when my shorter friends spend less on their clothing than I do.

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Standing at a whopping 5 feet 1.5 inches tall, being short has its benefits. If there’s ever a need to hide or protect myself from potential dangers, being short allows me to squeeze into tight places where they’d be hard to find and I can also blend into crowds and not stand out.

Ever made a human pyramid? If so, you know that being on the bottom is the worst possible place to be. If you’re short, you’ll most likely never have to experience this! Lucky for us, we will almost always be on top, free from pain.

Something you never have to think about if you are short is whether or not your bed will be long enough. The average bed measures 6 feet 3 inches and with a 2 feet long pillow. Us shorties can sleep in peace, not worrying about our feet getting cold or stressing to find the perfect sleeping position.


In my 17 years of being short, I for some reason am always placed in the back of the class. While sitting in the back is pretty nice, being short makes this experience less enjoyable. You constantly have to stand up and lean over to see the board, especially if the tallest person in class is sitting in front of you.

Walking with tall friends is like trying to keep up with a moving car. I’m constantly shouting for them to “wait up!” or “slow down!” while I rush over to keep up, gasping for breath. If I take a rest or go my own pace, I will end up several feet behind them. Not going to lie, it’s definitely a struggle.

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