How Covid impacted sports at Sequoia high school


Tyler Zarganis , Staff Reporter

As we all know COVID has cancelled millions of things around the world. But most people look 

At professional sports and events but do not look at youth sports. You don’t get star athletes without youth 

Sports and because of COVID thousands of athletes have been forced to quit their sport or not be able to

Play their sport because the season got cancelled 

This is no different to athletic directors and school boards trying to keep High school athletes 

and students safe. Directors already had over 2000 students they needed  to take care of before

Covid, now, they also have to deal with Covid. Because of all this protocols

were made not just for school but for sports as well. Sequoia has had to follow these

rules just like any other school or sports club.

For example these protocols consist of wearing masks inside film rooms, locker rooms, busses. 

Only being able to stay in a room for a limited amount of time.

“I am so grateful that the protocols that we have to follow are not as severe as the

ones in professional sports”. Chaple said. 

“Finding places to workout and practice was hard even though we had our own field

and weightroom because of the protocols at the time they would not let us near the

school, and with everything else closed we had to find other ways to work around

This” Chapel said. 

The biggest and maybe the most controversial topic in sports regarding Covid is the

vaccine mandate. The Covid vaccine is mandatory for most youth programs all over

America and everyone has a different opinion on it. According to the World report of U.S news 

1/10 athletes have reconsidered their sport or quit and 1/4 of those youth athletes have got depression 

Because of how hard they worked just for it to be taken away like that.

 all over the world have unfortunately quit their sport because they did not want to take the vaccine

 or their school does not require it and they and their families don’t feel safe.  

Sequoia is one of the thousands school that require the Covid vaccine to play sports

“Personally I do not have a problem with the vaccine or the vaccine mandate at

Sequoia but I do know some people that have a problem with it”.

“At first they did not want to take the shot for whatever reason but eventually  they

decided to take the shot because Sequoia required it, but personally I do not know

anybody who quit their sport because of the vaccine” Chaple said.

Covid obviously has affected the whole world and now we have to worry about

getting the sickness and bringing it home to our family and spreading it to them. This

has definitely put more stress on coaches and maybe some players to be more careful

when around other people

The thing about Covid is that you can wait up to 12 days until you start feeling

symptoms so those 12 days you contact so many other people. It can happen so

quickly, one day you can be fine preparing for a game and the next your season is over

because of a Covid outbreak.

“Something my coach said during practice is that he has to avoid his daughter to

take a shower and wash his hands because any one of us could have the sickness and

not even know it” Chaple said.

“My team has been so lucky and has not had a Covid outbreak this season but we

did have a Covid scare. It was right before the first scrimmage of the year and like 20

minutes before the principal came over and said one of the players that was not there

at the time I had Covid.”Chaple said

Sequoia has done a great job handling Covid over the 1 and a half years that it has

affected our life. Not with just sports programas but with school in general they have

made sure everyone has 100% safety and hopefully feels comfortable in whatever they

are doing.